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Psychologists believe that Fugue is a manifestation of an urge we all have, however staid or stable: the urge to travel, to feel what it means to be among strangers, to be in new places..
Could it be that this urge to journey has a metaphysical meaning, a deeper parallel? and therefore so difficult to root out?

This is a collection of experiences of people passing through Himalaya; some professional writing, some general; some useful for researchers, some eminently forgettable..
You too could leave your scribbled notes..

Over the years and miles, these writings have spread over these interconnected sites.

1.  (Archive)
2.  (documents and pictures of SIHI 2004)
3. (another archive)
4. (Sihi 2005 documents)
5. This current website (kind of portal) is hosted with ( ); we hope MD will no more have to move!
6.  (an old attempt and web designing)

The process to organize these notes better is on!
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SIHI indicates SIHI (MacMaster) related material - A summer course in the Himalayas, where MacMaster students explore life, its challenges and meaning in the Himalayas. Potpourri contains stray writings of other travelers. Development page deals with writings related to development issues in this part of Indian Himalayas..

Drop your notes or comments at post restante..

Why has MD been moving around?

Two of the sites (left column) hosted with netfirms, exceeded their 'freebie' space limit and were- suddenly- locked! I could neither add, nor delete, nor edit anything! Moral of the story: What comes freely- goes away freely too- often suddenly! So much so, I could not even fix the index pages which got overwritten accidentally. Therefore, number 1 and 3 websites (left), do not start with index pages, which normally gets loaded automatically when you visit the website. To solve this problem I have given the above links with subsidiary page address, which works almost as well as the index itself.

The second website hosted with bravehost, did not offer FTP facility to upload files, under its free plan; So it was given up after hosting some pages related to Sihi 2004. The domain expired (along with mail ID) in the third week of September 2006 and was not renewed; I felt that enough pages flying the MD banner are all over internet (try a search with google and see for yourself!) and therefore MD need not book a top level domain any more.

Yes, in the process, these leafs of the diary have scattered all over and sometimes the internal links may not work as expected. If you are looking for a specific page, try either an external search engine Google for example, or the internal one (picosearch) on the front page, under 'man on the mountain' picture.

Many friends and 'travelers' have contributed to MD;  Recently, I was looking for some Public Health information on internet and was pleasantly surprised when the search returned one of our own MD pages: it was a SIHI output titled: 'Public Health Education in Chakrata Hills: Issues and challenges' (by Avita Sooknanan & Samidha Joglekar, SIHI 2003)!! I sincerely thank all the contributors, readers and the editors..

Feedback on content or presentation will always be welcome.

Dr Satyendra K. Srivastava
(aka sachin),